That Glazer has chosen who to sell Manchester United club shares to.

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The media reveals that Glazer has chosen who to sell Manchester United club shares to.

The UFABET reports that Joel and Avram, the Glazer brothers, It was decided to sell Manchester United and they were most interested in an offer from Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe, the founder of Ineos, is the frontrunner to join Sheikh Yassim bin Hamad Al Thani. Who has in talks for five months and has made three bids, the last. Which was at the end of the month. April

Recently, Glazer has decided that Ratcliffe’s offer is what they want. And an official announcement may take place. ‘within days’

Glazer does not want to sell full stake in the club. And they still want to hold some shares more. Although this against Manchester United fans.

Although the offer from Qatar is worth around £5bn, the latter value the club at nearly £6bn, but they will only take 50% of the club.

However, it is understood Ratcliffe offering a deal. That will force the Glazer family out of the club’s minority ownership after three years.

Manchester United’s form has plummeted after losing two games in a row, against Brighton and most recently against West Ham on Sunday night. Although currently ranked 4th, it is only one point behind Liverpool in 5th place, despite playing less than 1 game.

Side Wolverhampton Keep winning, and most recently opened at home to beat Aston Villa 1-0, which gave them a pretty certain survival guarantee from having 40 points, 10 points away from the relegation zone with only 3 games left in this season