Silva reveals Mitrovic is back

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Marko Silva has revealed that Alexandra Mitrovic is returning to the person. He already knew after being fussed about receiving an offer from Saudi Arabia. 

Earlier this summer, Alexandra Mitrovic became a transfer target for Saudi club Al Hilal and he pressure the club to accept a £25million offer for him. From the team , however, Fulham rejected Al Hilal’s offer, while Silva has said the striker has return to the squad and is ready to play for the team. 

“He’s ready to play. Since he started training with his teammates and on the field again. He came back to be the same Mitrovic I know,” he began. “I won’t hide from you guys that one offer he got made him think.”

The sun skulked on to the terraces as the chat begun to flow, while the smell of freshly cut grass lingered, bringing with it an unmistakable air of anticipation as players buzzed about before afternoon training at Fulham’s south-west London base. ufabet

Team-mates shot a glance in the direction of the towering Bavarian as he spoke with a business-like efficiency, but Leno was unfazed by the hum of an audience.

“It was a situation where he got a very clear and very good offer for him. Sometimes it’s not easy for players to concentrate. Even if you want them to concentrate on the team.