Rumored Schulz under investigation for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend

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UFABET reports that Borussia Dortmund left-back Nico Schulz is being investigated for training with his ex-girlfriend during pregnancy

. 2020 by that time she was kick in the stomach by Schulz while pregnant. Only 2 weeks before the due date.

This ex-boyfriend testified that Schulz tried to have an abortion. She also revealed that the German footballer use to throw her on the ground. Which was just one of the many violent acts he had done against her.

That in itself is somewhat surprising, given that he was courted by big European clubs as a teenager. He turn down several lucrative. Offers to go professional abroad. Having been determined to make the grade at his hometown club Hertha Berlin, who he joined as a seven-year-old in 2000.

So how did it take until 9 September 2018, when he was 25, for that to happen? Well, Schulz did not play in Germany’s top-flight until the 2013/14 season, a factor that undoubtedly played its part.

moreover The ex-girlfriend is also evidenced in a Whatsapp chat, showing a bruised picture of a young woman. Before the players answer with a sad face which can be interpreted as a heartless apology

“As of today, we have not heard anything about the investigation into the private life of Nico Schulz, and we will take this report as an opportunity.” for talking directly to the players to consider the severity of this case.”