‘Pep’ insists he is not obsessed. UCL-aims to develop the team

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has said his main goal is not to win. Champions League, but to improve the team

, Guardiola is starting to take charge. “The Blues” is the seventh season and has previously swept many domestic championships. However,

in an interview before the season opened with West Ham United, 51-year-old coach interviewed about the goals in the list. Champions League: The UFABET report

“It’s not about Champions League, my life doesn’t depend on it, I want to do it. But it’s not obsession.”

“People will say it’s an excuse, but I’m not here to grab it. Champions League, owners never asked about this trophy, they definitely want it. And I’ll be the first to want it. But it’s the same as in Munich.”

“Every year I want to win four trophies and if I’m a 30- or 40-year-old manager, I will. Champions League every season, but I didn’t feel a failure when I missed the trophy at Barcelona and Bayern

. Champions League but at the same time I am not God, we tried and got closer last season – and we will try again this season, but I know how difficult this competition is

. Team and play better, that’s the main reason I’m still here, I’m sad we can’t resist the Community Shield especially when we’re not playing the best we can

. For the only goal is to make the team play better. And make each player better, nothing lasts, not even this team that has done good. many things over the years.”

“Everyone at the club knows that winning four league titles in five years is phenomenal. And we can improve, when I feel like this team can’t improve anymore we talk.”