Manchester City lost 300 million if they won 3 titles this season.

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Manchester City lost 300 million if they won 3 titles this season.

Manchester City prepares to receive prize money into the pocket More than 300 million pounds shaken. If Pep Guardiola and the Blues sailors can win 3 championships successfully this season.

Pep Guardiola’s side now have just seven games left to play to replicate the historic treble. That Manchester United were the only English team to do so in 1999, split into four Premier League games, A. 1 FA Cup match and 2 UEFA Champions League matches in the event of passing Real Madrid in the playoffs

In the Champions League, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Real Madrid in Spain on Tuesday. Before the match will decided at the Etihad Stadium next Wednesday.

The Sun recently broke down the revenue. That City eligible to make in terms of prize money from the titles. This season, saying the total would close to the £300m mark.

The first championship that Man City will able to check the bill as quickly as possible is the Premier League. Where if there are no errors in the remaining program. It will three-time champion and the Navy’s fifth Premier League title. with prize money of approximately 164 million pounds

Then, if they can beat city rivals Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley on June 3, there will be a slight £3.9m increase in prize money.

Finally, if able to pass Real Madrid to the Champions League final and able to defeat Inter Milan or AC Milan in Istanbul on June 10 to win the first European championship. It will take money from UEFA in the amount of 117.2 million pounds.

Collectively, the three trophies will bring in £285m to the club, excluding money from sponsors. And in addition, City will also have a guarantee of at least £50 million to participate in the new FIFA Club World Cup format in 2025.