Lescott reveals ‘Nasri’ challenges ‘Mancio’

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Former Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott recalls the incident from the training ground. “The Blues” between Samir Nasri and Roberto Mancini, with the technical player even challenging his manager, Lescott revealed the training before the Manchester game

The derby in October 2011, in which City beat Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford, saw Nasri unhappy with the way he was treated by the Italian. “

He [Mancini] used to prepare the team in the middle of the pitch and tell the players what he wanted.

“He told Samir Nasri to do what he wanted to do, but David Platt [ Mancio’s right hand] is on the other side. And then tell him to do something different. So he listened to both of them and did different things.

“Then the manager got upset and said ‘Samir, you can’t do this, go back in’. Samir then walked back in without any response. I thought to myself, that’s not like Samir. Normally he’s the one who has to respond to something,” ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

Lescott said, standing on the balcony above the gym. He eavesdropped on the furore that followed:

“I heard Samir come in and shout, ‘You [Mancini] come outside. You come outside now! You won’t talk to me like that again. I’m not Mario Balotelli. Let’s meet outside.

“Then Mancini said, ‘Come to my office,’ and he said, ‘I’m not going into your office. Come outside!’ He demanded that Mancini go outside to fight. I only got a sneak peek! I saw from afar what was happening. There was me and another young goalkeeper standing on the balcony.

“He said, ‘You come outside. I’m going to fuck you, come out, you’ll never talk to me like that again.’

“The manager said, ‘Calm down’ and Platty said, ‘Samir, calm down.

‘” He [Nasri ] and said, ‘Shut your mouth, all you can do is suck my dick!'”

Lescott revealed that in the end, no fight occurred. And the event after that was that Nasri was a substitute in the Manchester derby game, but still played an important role in helping ‘The Blues’ won their first Premier League title that season.