How to play roulette for money – 8 important techniques

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Roulette is a game that almost every casino has. It is a popular wheel game that has been around for a long time. With a variety of betting methods such as high-low, black-red, even-odd, etc., but for some people who want to make money with this game Today we have a way to play roulette to make money. how we have to act with a few techniques

How to play roulette for money

Playing roulette to get that money not difficult at all We must be calm, not impatient, and be mindful at all times. to analyze the statistics of the results of the award in the next round

Bet on numbers

The bet is a high-risk bet. But the reward is high as well. that I recommend this bet We should bet on several numbers at a time. Do not stab too much Because if we stab a lot, it will make us run out of a lot. We should bet about 10 baht per number (if it’s right, we will get  35 times  or 360 baht including capital). Do you see how worth it?

I choose to bet 0, 3, 4, 12, 15, 19, 26, 32, 35 yellow frame because I hold 0 as the center to stab the body that is close to 0 as in the picture below.

Bet in the middle of the opportunity to earn more

This bet will give us more chances than losing. Because there is a payout rate 2 times, with 1 -12 being low, 13-24 being neutral and 25-36 being high. If we choose to bet in the middle, the chances that the number will come out are greater. Plus, get a good payout rate. Who wants to win at the best value bets must try to stab in the middle and will be able to profit from the most worthwhile bets

Why do you have to stab in the middle? Well, if you try to look at the lottery statistics or random statistical numbers Most likely it will be bow the bell upside down Values ​​are average. Therefore, when we stab in the middle, there is a greater chance.

How to play roulette to get money - how to bet the middle trap

Know how to analyze the game from the statistics of the prize draw.

Have to keep an eye on the stats to see how many duplicates. If the low is repeated 3 times or more then go out high one time The next time we bet high, there will be more chances. Because the pattern of the result will run into the middle, which is low and equally high if we play a lot.

But if when the results come out alternately high Low often let us choose to bet high and low alternately, which is guaranteed. If you have already used this formula It will definitely make a profit for you.

trap on both sides

That is, we will bet on zones 1-12 and 13-24 because the zone bet, if the bet is correct, will be rewarded 2 times with only 1 in 3 risk or 12 : 36 and still have a chance to win 2 in 3 or 24 : 36

Do you see that the chance to bet correctly is more than the chance of losing it? If using this formula Guaranteed to be profitable for sure. (This formula makes a small profit)

Example of how to bet on both sides - how to play roulette to get money

Suppose I go down 1st 12 (50 baht) 2nd 12 (50 baht) if it hits one zone I will get money back (150 baht). See that I invested 100, got back 150, I got 50 profit.

Toad numbers

If you stab in the middle or stabbing both sides As I have taught, most of the time, if the bet result is 0, we lose all. So we have to bet 0 in case every round. You don’t have to post a lot (10 baht is fine). If it’s cheap, you can come back 360. Do you see how worth it is? So I’m willing to pay 10 baht per eye for safety. But if it comes out when it’s profitable.

not stab much

All kinds of gambling, we should not bet.

already a lot because if a defeat occurs will make us frustrated Lack of consciousness to stab We should stab little by little. It’s better to gradually accumulate profits.

Stab calmly and consciously.

This is important. If at any time we are unconscious and impatient, it will cause us to analyze and not read the game, which will make gambling but lose. We should be conscious, think, analyze the form of gambling or the statistics of that gambling. will make us guess correctly Then profits will follow.

Playing roulette for profit is not difficult at all. But we should play consciously. There is a lot of playing information to help us beat the game. This way we will make money playing roulette every day and the chances of losing are less.

Set exit point profit/loss

in each play It is impossible for us to always win. There will be a mix of wins and losses. But we have to know cut loss or cut loss. If we lose how much we will cut the loss. Or how much profit will we stop playing? Let’s see. This is equally important.