Baccarat techniques with money walk

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Funds are very important when placing bets on the game of Baccarat. Therefore, organizing money into proportions and clearly define the budget each time There must be a clear plan for making profits and preventing total loss of capital. ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Baccarat technique with the same amount of money

For making money with the same baccarat technique, it is a bet with very little risk. because in each eye We will continue to invest the same amount. whether losing or winning by limiting the number of times to play well

For example, dividing the bet at 20 baht per eye, the amount of 10 eyes will use a total of 200 baht, with every turn to bet at 20 baht and so on until 10 eyes are complete, and then see how much you gain or lose.

2. Techniques of baccarat with a compound money walk

Making money with a compound baccarat technique also known as martingale It is a method of placing equal bets indefinitely. If you win, but if you lose. Your bet will be double from the previous turn and will continue to roll until you win.

For example, dividing the bet 20 baht per turn, in the first turn loses, the next turn increases to 40 baht and loses again, the next turn increases to 80 baht and loses again. The next turn increases to 160 and wins. It helps to get the money lost back. come with profit And if it wins, go back to start betting equal to the new first turn.

3. Baccarat technique with 1-3-2-6 money walk

Baccarat technique with 1-3-2-6 money walk is to divide the number of bets into 4 times, each time the bet amount is equal to 1-3-2-6. 

For example, set the stake at 20 baht, the first turn is bet 20 baht, the next 60 baht, the next 40 baht, and the last turn 120 baht, regardless of whether each turn wins or loses. Must complete all 4 rounds 

4. Baccarat technique with 1-3-2-4 money walk

For baccarat techniques with a 1-3-2-4 money walk, it is similar to 1-3-2-6, with the difference in the last eye. To bet only 4 times, this technique is less risky. because if the last eye is broken The amount of money lost will be less enough.

5. Baccarat Techniques with Palory Money Walk

It is a baccarat technique that uses only 3 steps per round. In the first eye, set the initial number. If the first turn bet wins, the second turn doubles the money from the first turn. And if you win again in the 3rd turn, double the amount from the 2nd turn. 

By the end of all 3 rounds, or during the 1-3 turns, there is a losing bet. Let’s go back and start with the first eye again.

For example, set the bet at 20 baht in the first turn, bet wins, the 2nd turn bet at 40 baht and win again, the 3rd turn bet at 80 baht and whether it wins or loses In the next turn, go back and start the same number of turn 1 again and keep going. until the number of times the target has been reached