AI company appoints ‘Woodward’ to sit on the board of directors

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Ed Woodward, former CEO of Manchester United, has a new job on the club’s board of directors. Sentients Sport The company, a leader in AI technology applied to the sports industry,

“Red Devils” has just announced the confirmation of the departure of current CEO Richard Arnold. and on the same day Former chief executive Woodward, 52, has confirmed he has a new job.

“I am excited to join the company’s board of directors. Sentients Sport and working with everyone here,” Woodward said in an announcement after leaving United in the middle of last year. สมัคร ufabet

Woodward has been appointed as a Strategic Advisor and Non-Executive Board Member for the company, which aims to revolutionise sport by providing AI technology to create analytics and content.

He said he saw ‘tremendous potential’ in the company, which he called a ‘cutting edge’ figure in sport. 

“This company’s use of AI technology combined with sports is very cutting-edge. And I see huge potential in growing our customer base in the digital world.”

Woodward’s new office, founded in 2020, has worked with a number of Premier League clubs as an AI technology provider. To help analyze information about military reinforcements and increase football fans online