5 Baccarat Techniques Create opportunities to make more money than lose

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If you have known that the baccarat technique How is it important to make money? If you want to use some of these techniques, take a look at 5 Baccarat Techniques. that you can use to continue playing baccarat to make more profits ทางเข้า UFABET

Baccarat techniques by looking at the card layout

Start with the technique of the master game of baccarat. That is to look at the previous card layout or stats from the room you are betting on. That the cards have been issued on which side? Each table shown in the baccarat room has a different viewing style. This will help predict the outcome of the next turn. 

1. Baccarat Techniques following the dragon

For the first baccarat technique It’s one of the easiest ways to see the deck of cards. or view card statistics In a table that is a bead plate (Bead Plate) or in other names such as dice, beads, fish eggs, it looks like a solid colored circle and has a letter on top. Which in this statistical table will tell you in the previous turn which side won some

By following the dragon, it is not difficult to notice. That is to see if in the last 3-5 turns, has one of them have won consecutively or not, for example, the dealer has won 4 consecutive eyes. In the next turn, choose to stab along that side. And if you win, keep stabbing Until the cards change direction, the other party wins instead. Then stop this plan and wait and see before choosing which side to bet on.

2. Baccarat Techniques viewing ping pong cards

Another simple baccarat technique as well. If you choose to view statistics according to the Big Road table, which will be the table that records the results to the right The appearance is a transparent circle with colored borders divided according to the winning side.

For viewing the table tennis card layout. Let’s wait and see the statistics that go up on this table. There will be a win or loss for both the player and the banker. keep alternating If he follows this formula in the next eye, then stab alternately accordingly. until a change of direction of winning occurs

3. Baccarat Techniques according to the cut line

Baccarat Techniques That Rely on Rhythm By looking at the card statistics on the Big Road table , you can see that each hand won by no more than 3 hands, or after winning 3 hands, the other side will immediately turn to win. If you look at the table, there will be no more than 3 vertical circles in each channel, which means that Entering the cut line

If this feature is found, wait to see which side wins in the 3rd turn in a row. In the 4th turn, choose the opposite side. This will increase your chances of making money in this game.

4. Baccarat Techniques by Finding Golden Lines 

Finding the Golden Line or finding the Golden Line is used to look at the statistics of cards that are bead plates that are circled in solid color. by looking at the top box If found that the result is the same color in the entire row to the right. Of course, in subsequent eyes, the result may be the same. Just get the money ready When it comes to the moment when the record arrives in the first channel, the next channel is ready to go.

5. Baccarat Techniques by Reading AI Tables

Many people may not know that the statistics table in the baccarat room. There are 3 types of small grids: the roe grid (not solid circle), the bun grid (solid circle), and the match grid. (Diagonal lines) These 3 tables are tables that help to predict the outcome of Baccarat in the next turn.